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Dreaming of a culture beyond housing,
It's more than happiness

We will lead the 21st century housing
culture with new touching construction era.

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    • K-pool, leading the High-Class Housing Culture

      The creation of a new residential space equipped with a successful community function to promote joint success among residents, and also become a representative company which is filled with beautiful emotions in leisure industry, education and medical services, broadcasting stations and P-P0P culture, and new housing projects in 21st century,

      It leads to a new community culture in order to realize the best quality and service through the harmony of people, environment, and space. We will present new technologies from the Fourth Industrial Revolution with leading experiences and benefits to tenants through smart sweet rooms based on 5G while being human-centered and environmentally friendly through the production of new lines, floor plans, and utilization spaces by analyzing the functions and roles of family members by generation.

      Since established in 1998, K-pool successfully carried out various large-scale comprehensive housing construction projects nationwide, focusing on technical teams in various fields such as urban planning, real estate, and finance, and has continued to lead the creation of new residential culture in Korea, and achieved its first overseas business in Philippine.

      We provide our customers with trust based stable financial structure, transparent management policy, and customer-first policy.

      With accumulated construction know-how and super-high technology, we promise that we will strive to complete a new housing culture in the 21st century with challenges that are not afraid of change and creative management.

      Thank you.

      K-POOL Corporation, CEO
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